Green Corps Training Program

Organization: Park Activity Organization

The Green Corps training program is an umbrella for citywide service & entry level workforce development in urban forestry, storm water mitigation, green infrastructure, urban agriculture & related fields. Green Corps provides a gateway to 50 different green career tracks in urban and community forestry and forest-based ecosystem and watershed restoration. The vast majority of Green Corps trainees come to the program with a record of previous incarceration.

In partnership with the Department of Energy and the Environment, the US Forest Service, and the Urban Forestry Administration, Green Corps recruits seasonal cohorts of up to 8 trainees to take part in an 8-week training program aimed at addressing core urban and community forestry needs by: expanding and sustaining the urban tree canopy; remediating storm water runoff; and restoring natural habitats within the city. This training program provides trainees with valuable job skills, self confidence, contacts/resources for job placement, and mentoring. Each selected trainee commits to at least 20 hours/week over the course of the program.

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